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Throughout the life of your business, multiple legal issues will arise concerning its establishment, financing and representation before the courts and the various public authorities. Personalized legal support is essential in every step, from choosing the optimal legal entity for your business to complying with the laws and tax regulations of Greece, in order to minimize the inherent risks of business operation, avoid fines and financial distress. Based on its experience, our firm provides you with legally sound, tailor-made and effective solutions that facilitate your business and economic goals and orientate you successfully in the ever-changing legal framework in Greece

Employment and Social security

Labor is defined as the set of rules of law that regulate labor relations. It is very important to know that labor relations are basically regulated by the contract you have signed and that is why due care is required.
Apart from the content of the individual contract, the employment relationship is also regulated by legislation, the provisions of which are often mandatory, so that any agreement to the contrary in the employment contract cannot prevail. Employee rights are protected by political and criminal justice, and the fines and administrative penalties imposed on the employer for breach of the legislation and their obligations to their employees are significant.

Accidents and Personal injury

If you are involved in any way in an accident within the Greek territory or suffered medical malpractice and wish to resolve legal issues that have arisen from it, you can contact our company, which, under the guidance of our experienced partners, is able to solve any possible situation with in the best possible way. The most common disputes in the field arises from road traffic accidents, maritime accidents, accidents at work and medical malpractice. In these cases, you are eligible for compensation due to material and moral damages.

Real Property and Hereditary issues

Acquisition and possession of real estate in Greece creates complex issues of many fields of law, such as hereditary, property, tax and environmental law.Due to this complexity in combination with the significant value of real estate, you need to take into account all possible solutions to your problem and to do the most appropriate in the light of your collateral and the more favorable tax treatment and hence your lesser financial burden.