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Accident at work

Accident at work

An accident at work is defined as what happens during the execution or on the occasion of the work. This event, to be judged worthy of justice, should cause incapacity for work that exceeds five (5) days or full incapacity for work or even death. In addition to the concept of an accident at work, in the legal sense, any deterioration of an already existing illness, which was the result of the specific work, is included.

It has been judged that the concept of work-related accidents includes:

  • “Accidents” due to pathological causes, such as heart or stroke, which are due to, or have been, exacerbated by working conditions.
  • Injuries due to falling parts of buildings or poorly maintained machinery or poor workplace infrastructure or breach of security regulations.
  • Death that occurred on a construction site due to improper engineering supervision or leakage of substances
  • Accidents that occurred on the road to work