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business operation

Contracts & licences

The operation of a business combines virtually all the legal relationships between the citizen, the state and the authorities, as well as between citizens (the licensing of the company, the taxation of the company and the income, labor and employee relations with their related issues, etc.).

Some of the issues that should be addressed carefully are:

  • The lawful establishment of the business (commercial leasing)
  • Its legal operation according to the requirements of the relevant legislation for the particular type of business (e.g. tourist, internet sales etc.)
  • The registration and protection of brand name, trademark (international, European or national) and distinctive title
  • The terms of use of the website, the privacy policy and the General Terms and Conditions
  • Accounting support (lawful issuance of transaction documents, compliance with publicity terms etc.)
  • Compliance with tax legislation and regulation of related issues, such as business taxation, distribution to shareholders and taxation of its reserve
  • The inclusion in a special tax regime, such as the VAT exception scheme.
  • Setting up appropriate contracts with the company’s customers (e.g. selling contract, provision of independent services etc.)
  • Providing facilitations by issuing or receiving securities (e.g. bills of exchange, checks etc.)
  • The collateral insurance of the businessman due to another activity in another social security institution, as well as any related issue with regards to the determination of the social security contributions following the new insurance legislation, its latest amendments and the delegated ministerial decisions and newsletters
  • The insurance issues of partners and shareholders of a company, or members of its administration, such as members of the board of dierectors or managers and freelancers