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Employment social sec

Employment & social security issues

  • Setting up contracts with the employees (trial, fixed-term contract, contract of indefinite duration, five/six days of working, rotation, night work, etc.) and solving relevant issues, such as bonuses, employees’ contribution to Social Security Funds, allowances and accidents at work.
  • As an employer who employs human resources, you may want to be advised about his / her status as well as support for any problems arising from the labor relationship. In this way, you create the appropriate avoidance of administrative and criminal penalties, resulting from the breach of the law. You should also be aware that you also have rights and claims against the unconventional or abusive and ill-behaved behavior of the worker, such as when the employee does not attend the agreed hours at work, shows inappropriate behavior or does not observe the obligation of loyalty, revealing secrets of the enterprise to third parties. Your rights derive mainly from:
  1. Worker’s unconventional attitude, i.e. the provision of work in a manner, location, time and type different from those agreed
  2. The unwise or unlawful behavior of the employee and breach of the duty of loyalty
  3. Non-personal performance of work by the employee and non-repair of damage or damage caused by the negligence of a worker
  4. Abusive workload