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Hereditary issues

Hereditary issues

In the context of real estate transfer (see information in the relevant tab of our website), the acquisition of real rights as a succession takes place. Often, among the previous owners of the property, there are relations of hereditary succession.

As you may know, as an heir, it is important to diagnose in time any debts of the deceased, as if the inheritance has debts and you do not renounce the inheritance within 4 months, you undertake to repay these debts even with the liability of your own your property. The legacy of your belongings and your property are united (this can be avoided it if you accept the inheritance with the benefit of inventory).

Important clarification! Crucial is not only diagnosing whether the property you inherit is mortgaged or pre-taxed for a debt but as mentioned above, you must also examine the entire estate of the deceased.

In addition to succession transfers, we undertake all relevant issues, such as the drafting of a will to be lawful and valid, the publication of an existing covenant, statements of acceptance with or without the benefit of the census, and disclaimers, the procedure for granting permission from the court to renounce on behalf of a minor, to safeguard your rights in the absence of a will (i.e. reserved share) and in the event that you have been denied by law or excluded by your legitimate reserved share.