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Maritime Accident

Maritime accident

Our group has for many years been handling most cases of victims of maritime accidents, ensuring them fair compensation, sometimes even in exceptional cases of exceptional legal and real-time accidents.

Inability to work

As in the workforce, in this category of accidents, if a seafarer becomes partially or totally, permanently or in time, unable to work, he is entitled to compensation (loss of income, medical expenses, sickness, etc.) and punitive damages. The amount of compensation depends on whether the incident (illness or accident) is due to a breach of a special security regulation or simply to the negligence of the employer or his or her addressees. In the first case the compensation is complete and the Court will award the damages that will be proven, while the second will be awarded the strict liability compensation of Law 551/1915. If the event is proven to be due to the employer’s fault, moral damages are also awarded.

In the event of the death of the seafarer, his family is entitled to full compensation (e.g. for loss of maintenance or maintenance, funeral expenses) and financial compensation for their mental suffering if the accident is due to a breach of a special security regulation, and if such failure is not proven , but there is negligence on the part of the employer who caused the incident, they are entitled to the compensation of l.551 / 1915 and in addition to the satisfaction of their mental suffering.

Salary wages: Independently and in addition to compensation for a maritime accident, the sick seaman fired due to his illness is entitled to sick pay for as long as his illness lasts, but not beyond four months. Be careful, however, do not neglect to address a lawyer, because this claim is subject to a short (one-month) limitation.