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Social Security

Social security

From early on and throughout our lives, we maintain social-security ties. Particularly in the period of the economic crisis, however, important pieces of legislation have radically changed the landscape of Social Security in our country, creating enormous insecurity and many injustices.

Particular issues related to this industry are:

  • Compulsory health and pension insurance contributions
  • Reservations in favor of the Funds for supplementary pension, lump-sum or other bookings of professional funds
  • Establishing a pension entitlement and calculating your pension
  • Claims for compensation or repayment of undue payments
  • Reservations against the debts of the Center for the Collection of Insurance Contributions (KEAO)

Because of the public nature of social security law, these disputes must be settled within short deadlines and before the competent courts, otherwise you are in danger of losing your rights.