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Traffic Accident

Traffic accident

Road traffic accidents are defined as those accidents occurring on the road network resulting in material damage, injury/death or a combination of the above. In the lawyer, you will be asked to help you both with the criminal strand and with the indemnity claim in civil courts.

We have the right to compensation in cases where:

  • Damage is only material, that is, damage to the vehicle or personal belongings has occurred.
  • Physical damage or death has occurred. In this case, we can assert compensation both for hospital expenses, lost wages when working inability as it lasts and funeral expenses if death occurred. In addition, the victim may seek compensation for non-pecuniary damage or in the event of death, his / her relatives may request financial compensation for mental suffering.

Some examples of road accidents are as follows:

  • Conflict of two or more vehicles with each other
  • Injury/death of a pedestrian by a passing vehicle
  • Injury / Driver Death from incomplete signaling or poor road surface or inadequate lighting on local and national roads

Special attention!Do not waive your rights with a statement against meager compensation. You are entitled to compensation even if the vehicle is uninsured! In the latter case, the victim may seek compensation from the Legal Entity “ADS”.

But if the accident is not the fault of the ZIMIOGONOU vehicle driver but poor signage, bad condition of ODOSTROMATOS, inadequate lighting, PLIMELLI or unauthorized installation of advertising signboards, the compensation pursuit is possible against those responsible for these persons (e.g. Municipality or Municipalities in general, advertising companies, PPC etc.)

Note that it is possible to appropriate State liability in cases of road, rail, air or maritime accidents, due to the negligence of public bodies for the road maintenance, for lack of signage and street lighting, for improper maintenance of railway lines, incorrect operation of traffic lights, control towers, etc.

This is the so-called Civil Liability of the State for any act or omission of its organs, capable of causing an accident, according to Articles 105-106 of the INNAK. If it is judged that the act or omission of the State bodies has contributed to the accident and thus to the occurrence of the damage, we can claim compensation from the State before the competent Administrative Courts.